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​Our Story



Donna and Fred Taylor from Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada enjoy kite flying whenever and where ever they can.


Making kites when their children Lisa and Kevin were young to fly at the local park opened up an outlet to explore various kite disciplines. Even today they can be seen flying as a family at festivals and local parks.

Over the years various kites have challenged building and flying abilities. As a couple their collection covers kites from most disciplines enabling them to fly in all types of conditions and locations.


They take an active role in organizing and staging the Canal Days Kite Festival . The experience of hosting visiting kite enthusiasts has encouraged the Taylors to take it on the road, becoming invited International Kite Festival participants.


Along with the purchase of large kites the Taylors have designed and created unique laundry as well as award winning ground displays.

Whimsical inflatable creatures, running bols, eyeballs and banners ensures a large footprint when they come to town.

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