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Project Puffies

Created in 2013, Third in our series of interactive ground display.


The idea for the Puffies came from a childhood memory of a very pregnant guinea pig name "Hector" who's belly was so full of babies her poor little legs couldn't touch the floor.


The vision became round animals with stumpy legs bouncing on a kite field. First is our Canadian Beaver who we lovingly name "Justin" and his companion "Mary Jane"Next, came a revisited idea of Penguins.


Our first penguin project was a huge crowd pleaser. The new additions are more suit case friendly.



Created in 2009, First creation of our interactive ground display series. At kite festivals we noticed that children often looked down for something to play with.


Made of nylon taffeta they stand up to the rigors of rough play, while still feeling soft even in the strongest winds.


"It's all fun and games until..."


Now available for purchase through

Gomberg Kite Productions, Inc.

Created in 2010, Second series of interactive ground display designed for a younger audience.
Fred said "Make me some penguins!"
We love watching people of all ages pose for the perfect photo in the penguin patch.
Little girls want to love them, Little boys want to figure out what makes them move.
Awarded 1st place at the Atlantic Coast Kite Festival, Virginia Beach, VA.

Penguin Project

Project Eyeballs 

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